August 8, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
August 8, 2007

Jonathan Young0:59:5324.85
Kyle May1:00:5324.44
Mark Jones1:03:2423.47
Mike Peer1:06:4422.30
Bill Burger0:33:3522.15
Tom Anderson0:33:3622.14
Brian Wright0:34:0021.88
Mike Doyle0:34:3021.57
Bill Weiss0:35:4720.79
Tim Aydt0:36:2920.39
Larry Livingston0:41:3717.88

Harris is on vacation, so McRae, the founder of the TT series, took over his old duties and wrote the ride report. 


A night for the hard men.  The thermometer read 95 degrees with no breeze as 11 riders toed the line last night.  Four hardy souls (read idiots) chose the 40K, with Jonathon Young scorching (literally) the course in 59:53 @ 24.85mph. 


The 20K featured a down-to-the-wire duel between Bill Burger and Tom Anderson, with Burger finishing 1 second faster in 33:35 @ 22.16mph.  To celebrate, Burger slipped on his running shoes, set his metronome to a mariachi beat, and boogied down the road.  Upon his return, he offered to lead the group in the Macarena.  Thankfully, there were no takers. 


Unfortunately, the levity was short-lived due to the fact that the interim timer and TT Czar grew suspicious over the strong times on such a tough night, and ordered drug tests for all riders.  Claiming dehydration, no one was able to produce the required sample, so all were disqualified.  The times are reported, but will forever be marked by an asterisk, and a deep cloud of suspicion.  As punishment, the raffle was cancelled and no one was given water.  The scene turned ugly, the interim timer was assaulted and Mike Peer stole a pair of glasses, Mike Doyle a bottle opener and Jonathon Young a pair of socks. 


But on a brighter note, factory reps from Zipp will be on hand August 29th with several sets of demo wheels.  If you're looking for a quantum leap in speed, nothing pays higher dividends than an aero wheel set.  Talk to Kyle over the next couple of weeks to reserve a pair for the 8/29 TT.  You'll be amazed at the difference. 


Thanks for reading and for supporting the TT series.