August 5, 2004

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - August 5, 2004
Rider Time Avg Spd
Schroetlin, Jeff 0:26:53 27.68
McRae, Eric 0:30:31 24.38
Peotter, Ben 0:30:41 24.25
May, Kyle 0:31:07 23.91
VanArsdale, Chuck 0:32:37 22.81
Eichenauer, Stephan 0:34:30 21.57
Anderson, Tom 0:34:50 21.36
Wegmann 0:36:00 20.67
Pitts, CJ 0:37:17 19.96
Jayroe 0:38:06 19.53
Flaugher 0:38:12 19.48
Koluch 0:38:55 19.12
Van der Straaten, Trudy 0:29:29 ???
A stiff northeast breeze made for a tough night as 13 riders still turned in some pretty decent times.  We stayed with the altered course, but shortened it back to a 20K.  First timer, Alex Wegmann came out last night and rode an impressive TT.  He's very strong.  Stephan Eichenauer continues to get faster, riding his fastest 20K of the year under the less than ideal wind conditions.  Trudy Van der Straaten was out there on the course somewhere.  If anyone sees her out riding this weekend, please point her in the right direction.  And I should mention that Jeff Schroetlin is the 2004 State Time Trial Champion as of this past weekend.  This isn't an age or category designation; he's the fastest, period.  In fact, he's also the fastest in Wisconsin, too as the TT was for both states.  I'm sure you're all shocked.  Michael Koluch won a very cool shirt in the raffle, donated by Spin City Cycles.  (See Kyle, Mike, Dylan, Tim or Layne for the latest TT equipment to make you go fast.)  See Tom Courson for vinyl covering for the vents on your helmet that'll cut down your drag coefficient and make you look purdy, all at the same time.  Schroetlin just wishes he had fans that gave him a cool nickname so he could put it on his helmet.  Bob Thomas was our timer.  Layne Hook made a special trip out last night just to pick up the results.  And also, a thank you to Bill Burger and Tom Courson who didn't ride last night, but came out to help if needed.  (Some help. Burger refused to motorpace me behind his truck.)  Some facts:
  • 13 riders
  • 2 women
  • fastest time - 26:53@27.68mph
  • group average speed - 22.06mph