August 31st 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - August 31, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Jeff Schroetlin 0:25:16 29.45
Eric McRae 0:28:22 26.23
Josh Kercheval 0:28:51 25.79
Duffy Smith 0:29:42 25.05
Dave Loyd 0:29:57 24.84
Chuck VanArsdale 0:30:31 24.38
Frank Brummer 0:30:35 24.33
Bill Burger 0:31:10 23.87
Eric Harris 0:31:10 23.87
Roy Tsuda 0:31:21 23.73
Phil Shils 0:31:30 23.62
John Flick 0:32:18 23.03
Anna Stadler 0:32:24 22.96
Kristin White 0:32:53 22.63
Tom Anderson 0:33:03 22.51
Chris White 0:34:33 21.53
Earl May 0:35:16 21.10
Richard Berard 0:35:26 21.00
Arthur Gross 0:35:50 20.76
Syd McRae 0:36:30 20.38
Dennis Martin 0:37:07 20.04

Lemons to lemonade.  I thought we had made it through road construction season without affecting the course, but I was wrong.  Meridian Road and Pit Road had a fresh new coat of oil and chips last night, and it was just too loose to ride hard on.  So we threw together a last-minute course change, and the attitude of the riders was great.  It was "yeah, whatever, let's ride."  And ride they did.  PR's were smashed, and we welcomed two more riders into the Sub 30/33 Clubs.  The altered course started just past the usual 20K start, turned east on Mt. Auburn Blacktop to Wyckes Road and back.  There was debate on the accuracy of the distance as computers showed 12.25 to 12.35 miles, compared to the usual course's 12.4.  But no matter what the measurements work out to be, this course was just plain fast.  Besides, assuming a shortage of 150 yards, that's only an extra 10+/- seconds added on to the times, and the PR's were still there.  In any event, the average speeds were high and the weather helped as well with a light northwest breeze coming to a stop right about the time we were making the turn for home.  It felt like a tailwind both directions; and it might have been.  Jeff Schroetlin blazed to a 25:16@29.45mph.  Jeff checked his distance and his average speed at the line.  He had 12.25 miles and just over a 29mph average.  As I said, the times were fast whether the course was short or not.  Kristen White crushed her old PR and is sporting new attire as her 32:53 entitled her to membership in the club.  Joining her was Dave Loyd with a 29:57 and a handsome new shirt as well.  We had some new riders out last night as Frank Brummer joined us from Effingham, and Scott Berry made the trip over from Charleston.  Thanks to these riders for making the effort to drive over, and they each rode impressive times.  I'll GPS the new course to check for accuracy, and we'll make a decision next week which course to ride.  We'll probably ride the new course unless Courson comes out.  I'm running out of shirts and Dave won't loan his to Tom.  The raffle winners were Dave Loyd, Scott Berry and Bill Burger.  Burger was the grand prize winner of a free entry into the 2006 Sullivan Triathlon.  Monte Johnson puts on a fun race that rivals any other for organization.  His race grows every year and is the perfect race for the first time triathlete as well as those at the top of their game.  Wednesday Night TT'ers have done very well at his race in the past, and Monte joins us every once in a while when his schedule allows.  Thanks to Monte for his generation donation, and we all look forward to starting the 2006 race year in Sullivan.  Our timing crew was awesome last night.  John Flick somehow talked his lovely wife into timing, and she and her assistants, Melinda Peterson and Sara Hayes handled the job like pros.  Thank you ladies, and thanks to all for supporting the TT Series.


Sorry, I forgot to mention one other thing, check Eric Harris's time.  His 31:10@23.87mph was a good time, except he was on his mountain bike.  Unbelievable.