August 30, 2006

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial - August 30, 2006
NameTime MPH
Kyle May0:57:0826.04
Eric Harris0:58:3725.39
Eric McRae0:59:5624.83
Duffy Smith1:06:4322.30
Phil Shils1:08:1421.97
Jessica Cole1:09:1321.50
Jeff Schroetlin0:27:0927.40
Mark Jones0:31:2223.72
Earl May0:33:0322.51
Beth McClure0:33:1122.42
John Flick0:33:3622.14
Stacie Conrad0:33:4822.01
Kristin White0:33:5621.93
Chris White0:34:2321.64
Tom Anderson 0:34:2721.60
Brian Wright0:36:0420.63
Richard Berard0:36:0620.61
CJ Pitts0:36:2920.39
Dianne Grubb0:36:4820.22
Larry Livingston0:37:0420.07
Bill Weiss0:37:4019.75
Syd McRae0:38:4519.20

We ran our last 40k tt of the season last night, and while it was breezy last night, Kyle May managed to ride a very fast 57:08 @ 26.04mph. Jessica Cole made her first appearance at our tt last night, and chose the two lap option. She rode to a very nice 1:09:13 @ 21.50mph on a road bike to take the fastest (and only) female crown.

In 20k action, Jeff Schroetlin turned in a typically ultra-fast time of 27:09 @ 27.40mph. Maybe not ultra-fast for Jeff, but ultra-fast compared to any other person that runs in our time trial. Earl May grabbed another in a string of PR's this year with a time of 33:03 @ 22.51mph. Beth McClure was fastest female at 33:11 @ 22.42mph. Stacie Conrad knocked 1 1/2 minutes off last weeks PR with a time of 33:48 @ 22.01mph, and is now within range of going sub 33 next month. She'll have four shots at the coveted pink shirt starting next week. Richard Berard bested his PR from last week, running a time of 36:06 @ 20.61mph. Dianne Grubb also bested her PR from last week with a time of 36:48 @ 20.22mph. Bill Weiss also ran a PR that topped last week's number. He ran a 37:40 @ 19.75mph, and is in position to break the 20mph mark as we move to the fast course next week.
I have sent images from last week's TT for Kyle to post at He will be posting them next week. If you would like a hi-res version of what you see there, email me and I can send it to you. Thanks for supporting the TT series. Results attached.