August 29, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
August 29, 2007

Name TimeMPH
Kyle May1:00:0924.74
Mike Schmalendt1:01:0924.24
Eric Harris1:02:4723.70
Jeff Schroetlin0:28:0426.51
Chris Sprock0:30:3224.37
Thilo Fiedler0:30:4524.20
Eric McRae0:31:3423.57
Chris Daniels0:32:5922.56
Tom Anderson0:34:1621.71
Earl May0:34:2521.62
Bill Burger0:34:4121.45
John Flick0:34:4521.41
Andrew Young0:35:0921.17
Brian Wright0:35:2421.02
Mike Doyle0:36:5620.14
Bill Weiss0:37:2219.91
Diane Grubb0:41:0618.10
Suzanne Brossard0:41:5317.76

It was Zipp Night at the Homestead last night, but could have been Conair Night, as conditions were hot and windy. Eighteen riders hit the course, with seven rolling on some serious go fast bling, 404’s, 606’s, 808’s, but even that wasn’t enough to counter the tough conditions. For the final 40k of 2007, Kyle May set fast time with a 1:00:09 @ 24.74mph, which was really quick for the conditions. Zipp rep Mike Schmalendt set a record for fastest ever ride by a sales rep with a nice 1:01:23 @ 24.24mph.

In the 20k, Jeff Schroetlin was top rider with a time of 28:04 @ 26.51mph. Diane Grubb was the fastest female with a 41:06 @ 18.10mph, and Suzanne Brossard made a debut run of 41:53 @ 17.76mph. 

Mike Doyle won the free entry into the 2008 Sullivan Civic Center Triathlon. Thanks to Monte and Sue at the Civic Center for donating two entries this year.  Next week we move to the out and back course, where PR dreams are made. Thanks to our timer Helene, thanks to Mike the Zipp Guy for coming over from Indy with a sleigh full of goodies, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.