August 26, 2004

Harristown Time Trial - August 26, 2004
Rider Time Avg Spd
Schroetlin 0:28:03 26.52
May, Kyle 0:30:43 24.22
McRae 0:32:17 23.05
Griffith 0:34:05 21.83
Burger 0:34:47 21.39
Peer 0:35:04 21.22
Anderson 0:35:10 21.16
Courson 0:35:18 21.08
VanArsdale 0:35:49 20.77
Flick 0:37:21 19.92
Flaugher 0:37:59 19.59
Stadler 0:38:52 19.14
May, Earl 0:38:54 19.13
Maas 0:43:49 16.98

M-I-S-E-R-Y!  That's the only way to describe the return trip on the course last night.  Everyone had that same look of dread on their face at the start line as a tough wind blew a whole lot of hot, humid wind straight out of the south.  The first half of the course was pretty nice as we all had Schroetlin-like times at the turn around.  Then reality set in and that return trip was brutal.  Obviously, our times suffered as the last two times on this course have seen cool temperatures and a light north wind.  Fourteen pain junkies showed up with their dollar to get their fix, and they got their money's worth.  We were joined for the first time last night by Tom Griffith.  Tom is an accomplished triathlete, runner, swimmer, golfer, tennis player, etc.  He's one of the veterans of the Decatur training races.  Schroetlin turned in the fastest time with a 28:03 @ 26.5mph.  A very big thanks to Diane Grubb for riding out to the course and sacrificing her ride to time us.  (She's smarter than the rest of us)  Mike Peer was the lucky winner of the raffle.  By the way, Mike was kind enough to compile the results on the excel spreadsheet.  Some facts:
  • 14 riders
  • 1 woman
  • fastest time 28:03@26.52mph
  • group average speed - 21.14mph