August 23, 2006

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial -
August 23, 2006
NameTime MPH
Kyle May0:57:4125.80
Eric Harris0:58:1425.55
Sean Marling0:58:2425.48
Mike Peer1:02:5723.64
Beth McClure1:08:4621.64
Phil Shils1:09:1721.48
Andrew Young1:10:1021.21
Eric McRae0:29:0025.66
Ron Gillen0:29:4624.99
Dalton Koprek0:30:1624.58
Tom Griffith0:30:1824.55
Duffy Smith0:30:4324.22
Mark Jones0:31:1823.77
Travis Chance0:31:4123.48
Ben Akins0:32:1123.12
John Flick0:33:2822.23
Dan Schroeder0:33:3322.18
Justin Eichenhauer0:33:4522.04
Tom Anderson 0:34:4621.40
Stacie Conrad0:35:1021.16
Syd McRae0:35:1821.08
Dennis Martin0:35:3920.87
Brian Wright0:36:0820.59
Richard Berard0:36:1620.52
Dianne Grubb0:37:0120.10
Larry Livingston0:37:0120.10
Pat Tharp0:38:0519.57
Bill Weiss0:38:1819.43

Another fast night at the Homestead, as cool late summer temps are rewarding our riders with great times, and more than a few PR's. In the 40k, Kyle May set fast time with a nice 57:41 @ 25.80mph. I managed to garner a PR with a 58:14 @ 25.55mph. Sean Marling grabbed another PR this week, running a 58:24 @ 25.48mph. Beth McClure was fastest, and only female doing two laps, and rode to a 1:08:46 @ 21.64mph.

In the 20k, Eric McRae set the fast time, but not without controversy. While the race officials posted his time at 29:01 @ 25.65mph, Eric's atomic powered Timex stopwatch showed a time of 29 flat. A formal protest was lodged by "Eric's people", and being the Godfather of our time trial series, he made us an offer would couldn't refuse. His time is officially 29:00 @ 25.66mph. Ron Gillen went sub 30 last night with a time of 29:46 @ 24.99mph. Dalton Koprek set a new PR with a time of 30:16 @ 24.58mph. Ben Akins also set a personal best time of 32:11 @ 23.12mph. Stacie Conrad made her 2006 debut, and set a PR with a very nice 35:10 @ 21.16mph. Syd McRae also set a personal best in the 20k while topping the 21 mph mark. Her time was 35:18 @ 21.08mph. Richard Berard wasn't going to be left out of the PR party and rode to a 36:16 @ 20.52mph. Dianne Grubb and Larry Livingston both set new personal best times while also breaking the 20 mph barrier, with identical 37:01 @ 20.10mph. Pat Tharp also grabbed a PR while flirting with the 20mph mark. His time was 38:05 @ 19.57mph. Raffle winners were Stacie Conrad and John Flick.
Next week is the final week for the 40k this year, and if you have never done 2 laps, this would be a great time to set a benchmark for 2007. Thanks to our timers, Helene and Perry, and thanks to my wife Soo for coming out to take pictures. We should have some ready by next week.