August 22, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
August 22, 2007

NameTime MPH 
Kyle May0:58:3025.44 
Jonathan Young0:58:5725.24PR
Brian Akers1:01:5624.03 
Mark Jones1:03:0023.62 
Eric Harris1:11:0220.95 
Jeff Schroetlin0:32:1523.07 
Ed Moss0:32:3122.88PR
Earl May0:32:4022.78 
John Flick0:32:4122.76 
Bill Burger0:32:4922.67 
Tom Anderson0:33:0822.45 
Bill Weiss0:34:3521.51PR
Brian Wright0:35:0421.22 
Tim Aydt0:36:3520.34 
Diane Grubb0:39:2218.90 

Another hot night at the Homestead, but lower humidity allowed a few riders to set PR’s. In the 40k Kyle May lead all riders with a very nice 58:30 @ 25.44mph. Jonathan Young rode to a PR with a time of 58:57 @ 25.24mph. Brian Akers drove all the way down from Woodstock to have a go on our course, after finding our TT info online. His time was 1:01:56 @ 24.03mph. Having been unable to set a PR this year, I resorted to riding my trusty mountain bike for 2 laps, in hopes of setting a benchmark for the class. I’m sure that mountain bike 40k’s are set to explode in popularity, and the time to beat is 1:11:02 @ 20.95 (knobbies required!). 

In the 20k, Jeff Schroetlin came out for a cruise of the course, and finished with a time of 32:15 @ 23.07mph. Earl May, John Flick and Bill Burger finished within 9 seconds of each other, with Earl posting a 32:40 @ 22.78mph. Ed Moss knocked almost a minute off of his previous PR. His time was 32:31 @ 22.88mph. Bill Weiss set another PR with a very nice 34:35 @ 21.51mph. Diane Grubb was the fastest and only lady riding last night, and her time was 39:22 @ 18.90mph. I had neglected to mention Diane’s age group win at Stoneman, in Springfield last month, so I’m redeeming myself at this time. Great job Diane! 

Last night was Agri-Fab can koozie night, so everyone received a luxurious, high quality beverage coolant device. Next week is the last of the 40k’s, as well as Zipp wheel demo night. This is a rare opportunity to try out some of the best wheels money can buy. If you haven’t reserved a wheelset to ride, call Kyle at the shop to check availability. We will also be raffling the last 2008 Sullivan Civic Center Tri entry, so it should be a great night to ride. 

Thanks to our timers, Helene and Melinda, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.