August 17th 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - August 17, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Kyle May 0:57:53 25.71
Eric Harris 0:58:56 25.25
Duffy Smith 1:01:17 24.28
Eric McRae 1:01:24 24.23
Rider Time Avg Spd
Dave Loyd 0:31:04 23.95
Tom Courson 0:31:40 23.49
Chuck VanArsdale 0:32:10 23.13
Anna Stadler 0:32:50 22.66
John Flick 0:33:20 22.32
Beth McClure 0:33:43 22.07
Tom Anderson 0:33:49 22.00
Phil Shils 0:34:29 21.58
Ron Heitz 0:34:36 21.50
Earl May 0:34:43 21.43
Arthur Gross 0:37:09 20.03
Pat Tharp 0:37:22 19.91
Jay Mayberry 0:37:43 19.73
Diane Grubb 0:39:27 18.86

Things got ugly last night as what started as a semi-friendly wager turned into a trash-talking, in-your-face challenge before escalating into a car jacking.  Oh yeah, and we did have some people riding their bikes also.  Only four riders toed the line for the 40K with Kyle May turning in a 57:53@25.71mph.  Eric Harris rode a 58:56@25.25mph for a PR.  The 20K is where things got interesting.  Despite the mayhem, Dave Loyd managed a 31:04@23.95mph to lead home the field.  And Ron Heitz rode to his 5th PR in as many weeks.  Anna Stadler rode another sub-33 and Beth McClure is knocking on the door.  Now, there wasn't a full eye-witness account of the entire series of events, but reports I got go like this:  The Whites (Chris & Kristen) had a little husband and wife challenge going on.  They're both a little competitive and the wager was dinner.  Our timers, Amanda Shils & Sara Hayes-Smith, had to step in at the start line to keep them from throwing down right there, although Amanda is a big boxing fan and could just as easily referee a bout as well as run the time trial.  Anyhow, Chris started first, 30 seconds in front of Kristen.  The reports from here on are sketchy because this the life or death Wednesday Night TT and no one stops for anything, but here's where the ugly part starts.  Ron Heitz was next rider and reports seeing Chris on his back in the ditch along Mt. Auburn Blacktop and Kristen nearby on her bike looking mean.  Beth McClure saw Kristen hovering over Chris in the ditch and may have had a pump in her hand.  Phil Shils saw nothing as he was studying his compass in anticipation of the next turn somewhere on that one road that takes you to that other road and...never mind.  A short time later, an elderly couple made the mistake of stopping to help.  They probably saw too much and their trip to the Steak-n-Shake took a detour as their Oldsmobile was next seen traveling at a high rate of speed toward the park, driven by an angry-looking blonde in an aero helmet.  Luckily, "Bonnie" freed her passengers unharmed.  That was the last anyone saw of the Whites.  If anyone knows where they live, you may want to stop by and check on Chris, but don't go alone.  Dave Loyd was our raffle winner of the prize donated by Spin City Cycles.  Thanks for supporting the TT Series.