August 16, 2006

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial -
August 16, 2006

Eric Harris0:59:2125.07
Eric McRae1:00:2424.64
Mike Peer1:02:4623.71
Phil Shils1:08:0121.88
Beth McClure1:08:4721.63
John Johnson1:09:5121.30
Jessica Aveyard1:10:2721.12
Justin Eichenhauer1:11:3020.81
Clay Sayers1:11:4520.74
Stephan Eichenhauer1:13:5920.11
Dalton Koprek0:30:3724.30
Travis Chance0:31:0823.90
Mark Jones0:32:2622.94
Ben Akins0:33:0422.50
John Flick0:33:1922.33
Earl May0:33:5421.95
Kristin White0:34:0121.87
Chris White0:34:4921.37
David Fathauer0:34:5621.30
Brian Wright0:35:2920.97
Tom Anderson 0:35:3120.95
Syd McRae0:36:5420.16
Bill Weiss0:37:5919.59
Larry Livingston0:39:0319.05
Becky Fritz0:39:0819.01
Pat Tharp0:40:2318.42

Another great night last night at the TT series, with cool temps and calm winds. Lots of things to report today. In the 40k, Kyle May set fast time with a 58:24 @ 25.48mph. We welcomed another member into the Sub Hour Club last night when Sean Marling scorched the 40k in a time of 58:34 @ 25.41mph. Sean received one of the classy and rare "40 under 60" shirts, as well as the congratulations from the assembled horde. Ed Elliott set a PR with a very nice 1:01:35 @ 24.16mph. Mike Peer set yet another in a string of PR's with a time of 1:02:28 @ 23.82mph. Beth McClure set fast time for the ladies, and garnered a PR to boot, with a 1:08:04 @ 21.86mph. Andrew Young made his debut in the 40k with a 1:09:17 @ 21.48mph. Syd McRae hopped aboard the PR train with a 1:11:03 @ 20.94mph.

In the 20k, 2006 Illinios State TT champ Jeff Schroetlin returns with a time of 26:38 @ 27.94mph. Jeff raced this weekend in the Elk Grove criterium near Chicago. He finished 41st out of over 150 of the some of the nations top pros, including a few Tour de France finishers like Christian Van de Velde and Chris Horner. Earl May set another PR with a time of 33:17 @ 22.35mph. Larry Livingston grabbed a PR with a 37:37 @ 19.78mph, as did Diane Grubb with a 38:03 @ 19.55mph.

On a sad note, longtime Decatur cyclist Chuck Van Arsdale succumbed to cancer this week. Chuck was a fixture on the old Wednesday night rides, as well as the time trial, and local running events. Even in his 60's, he was still outriding, and outrunning, people 30-40 years his junior. Chuck was a nice guy, and a friend to many. He will be missed. For the remainder of the year, we will be renaming our event the Chuck Van Arsdale Memorial Time Trial Series.

The picture below was taken September 7, 2005, and Chuck is en route to a 20k time of 31:30 @ 23.62mph.