August 15, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
August 15, 2007


Chris Daniels0:59:1325.13
Kyle May0:59:4424.91
Jonathan Young1:00:2624.62
Eric Harris1:02:3523.78
Mark Jones1:02:4023.74
Brian RossiDNF 
Phil Shils0:32:5022.66
Tom Anderson0:33:3222.19
Mike Doyle0:34:0221.86
Brian Wright0:34:1621.71
Bill Burger0:34:4721.39
Bill Weiss0:35:5420.72
Becky Fritz0:36:2420.44
Tim Aydt0:37:3019.84
John FlickDNF 

Another hot August night for time trialing, but 15 hardy souls were ready to ride, so we did. In the 40k, Chris Daniels posted a great 59:13 @ 25.13mph to take top spot. This earned him a 40 under 60 shirt on a very tough night to go sub 60. Great ride Chris, IMMOO awaits. Kyle also went under an hour with a very nice time of 59:44 24.91mph. Brian Rossi came down from Bloomington for a go at the 40k, but decided to shut it down early. Brian grabbed 3rd place overall in last month’s Rodney Miller Triathlon, and it was great to have him come out for a TT.

In the 20k, Phil “Brewmeister” Shils set fast time with a 32:50 @ 22.66mph. Becky Fritz came out for her 2007 debut, and was the fastest/only lady last night. Her time was 36:24 @ 20.44mph.  Raffle winners were Brian Rossi, Jonathan Young, and Chris Daniels. Only two more 40k’s, then we head to the out and back course for September 20k’s. Thanks to our timer Earl “Longines” May, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.