August 13, 2008

Kyle May0:57:0126.10
Eric McRae0:59:2025.08
Eric Harris0:59:2125.07
Mark Jones1:00:1924.67
Rick Steward1:12:1420.60
Jeff Schroetlin0:26:1128.42
Robert Brokaw0:27:0927.40PR
Mike Schmalandt0:29:1225.48PR
Duffy Smith0:30:0424.75
Chris Sprock0:30:3424.34
Scott Robinson0:31:0923.88PR
Mike Doyle0:32:4022.78
Earl May0:33:0422.50
John Flick0:33:2222.30
Kevin Scholl0:33:2322.29
Brian Wright0:33:2622.25
Chris Monroe0:34:1121.76
Beth McClure0:34:1521.72
Rick Scholl0:34:2021.67
Mitch Hull0:34:4021.46
Sean Higgins0:34:5321.33PR
Syd McRae0:35:1221.14
Bob Dean0:36:0020.67
Arthur Gross0:36:1920.49
Tracy Buschbom0:37:2219.91PR
Cody Webber0:38:0519.54
Wagner Lozano0:38:5619.11PR
Diane Grubb0:39:0619.03
Marsha Cordts0:39:2018.92PR
Penny Bankston0:39:3118.83
Becca Monroe0:40:5218.21
Alex Holden0:45:3816.30
Justin ArmsteadDNFDNF


Another wonderful night for riding out at the homestead with 33 riders in attendance.  In the 40k race, we had 5 riders with Kyle May leading the way with 57:01 @ 26.10mph.  Eric Harris dusted off his bike and joined us with a ride of 59:21 @ 25.07 mph, it’s good to see you out there Eric.  In the 20K race we had another field stacked with PR’s with Robert Brokaw riding a 27:09 @ 27.4 mph, Mike Schmalandt riding a 29:12 @ 25.48 mph, Scott Robinson riding a 31:09 @ 23.88 mph, Sean Higgins riding a 34:53 @ 21.33 mph, Tracy Buschbom riding a 37:22 @ 19.91 mph, Wagner Lozano riding a 38:56 @ 19.11 mph, and Marsha Cordts riding a 39:20 @ 18.92 mph.  Good job to all of you!!!!  The fastest male was Jeff Schroetlin with a 26:11 @ 28.42 mph and our fastest female was Beth McClure with a 34:15 @ 21.72 mph.  Our new riders were Mitch Hull with a 34:40 @ 21.46 mph, Alex Holden riding a 45:38 @ 16.3 mph, and Justin Armstead.