August 12, 2004

Harristown Time Trial - August 12, 2004
Rider Time Avg Spd
Schroetlin, Jeff 0:26:57 27.61
McRae, Eric 0:30:42 24.23
Ashcraft, Dave 0:30:49 24.14
May, Kyle 0:31:31 23.61
VanArsdale, Chuck 0:33:11 22.42
Eichenauer, Stephan 0:33:54 21.95
Courson, Tom 0:33:58 21.90
Anderson, Tom 0:34:01 21.87
Wegmann, Alex 0:34:33 21.53
Burger, Bill 0:35:02 21.24
Peer, Mike 0:35:13 21.13
Fritz, Becky 0:38:38 19.26
Most of the regulars showed up last night to test the new course.  It was cold.  Before the start, Burger and Vanarsdale suggested that we all huddle together to keep warm, but everyone had their own funky little odor of sweat and leg oil going that made the cold more bearable.  The course didn't disappoint.  It's tough, and everyone seemed to like it.  This will be our course for the remainder of the year, barring more road construction.  We were joined by David Ashcraft, a Pearl Izumi rep in town visiting Kyle May.  David is training for Ironman Wisconsin, and he's very fast.  He also won the raffle which rumor had it was a Pearl Izumi skinsuit.  Hmmm.  A huge thanks to the lovely and talented Donna May of Spin City Cycles.  She answered a frantic phone call at 6:00 to come out and time us at 6:15.  She dropped everything, rushed out to the course and did a great job.  Bob, you're fired.  Becky Fritz was the only female to brave the cold and challenging course, riding very well.  Stephan Eichenauer didn't get the notice of the location change, but luckily Chuck the dog and his sidekick were out doing intervals and ran into Stephan, getting him to the start on time.  Stephan continues to get stronger every week.  And believe it or not, Schroetlin turned in the fastest time coming off his repeat win of the Champaign Criterium last weekend.  Good luck to all racers this weekend and thanks for supporting the TT series.  Some facts:
  • 12 riders
  • 1 female
  • fastest time - 26:57@27.61mph
  • group average speed - 22.57mph