August 10th 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - August 10, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Kyle May 1:00:19 24.67
Eric Harris 1:00:24 24.64
Steve Schien 1:04:55 22.92
Dave Loyd 1:05:30 22.72
Kim Genenbacher 1:05:38 22.67
Bill Burger 1:08:48 21.63
Syd McRae 1:10:12 21.20
Kristin White 1:12:31 20.52
Rider Time Avg Spd
Jeff Schroetlin 0:27:58 26.60
Josh Carter 0:28:23 26.21
Eric McRae 0:30:59 24.01
Tom Courson 0:32:17 23.05
John Flick 0:34:01 21.87
Brian Reimer 0:34:35 21.51
John Nedderson 0:35:16 21.10
Pat Tharp 0:35:22 21.04
Ron Heitz 0:35:23 21.03
Cody Redman 0:35:47 20.79
Bobby Bankston 0:36:14 20.53
Chris White 0:36:29 20.39
Michael Koluch 0:37:49 19.67
Jay Mayberry 0:38:30 19.32
Diane Grubb 0:39:21 18.91
Mike Stokes 0:39:42 18.74
Ryan Kight 0:42:23 17.55

Another hot, humid night, but another strong showing as 26 riders came out to brave the heat.  In fact we had several new faces in the crowd including our first visit by a professional rider, Josh Carter of the Subway Pro Cycling Team.  We were also joined by Brian Reimer and Ryan Kight, Millikin alums who drove down from just south of Chicago to time trial with us.  Steve Schien rides for Team Mack and manages BikeTek in Springfield.  Steve was kind enough to skip a scheduled ride in Springfield to join us and it was great to have another strong rider.  John Nedderson and Chris White debuted with strong rides.  As you know, Chris was our timer but was ousted after the authority went to his head and his time penalties became excessive.  Although we'll miss his nicknames, we're glad to have him as a rider.  We have a new women's course record in the 40K as Kim Genenbacher rode a 1:05:38 @ 22.67mph, earning another shirt for her wardrobe.  Kyle May edged out Eric Harris by 5 seconds to lead home the 40K in 1:00:19 @ 24.67mph.  In the 20K, Jeff Schroetlin turned in a 27:58@26.6mph, followed closely by Josh Carter in 28:23, our newest member in the Sub-30 Club.  He promises to wear his TT shirt to the pro crit championship next weekend.  Josh's time is a 20K course record for a road bike, by the way.  We had a couple of mishaps in the 20K.  Ryan Kight missed a turn and took an extended tour of the nearby un-paved roads, and Diane Grubb flatted near the end, but rode it out anyway chasing that PR which she nearly got.  Michael Peer was our timer last night.  Michael has been injured since just after the Ironhorse triathlon where he qualified for nationals.  As we all know, it's hard to be on the sidelines when you're injured, and we greatly appreciate his help while he's on the DL.  John Flick was our raffle winner, and I believe rode to a PR also.  And we had a technical problem with the results last week.  The entire results staff has been fired and they'll be posted soon.  I should mention that Schroetlin's 20K time of 26:04@ 28.55mph was a new course record.  I didn't realize it when I read the results off at the park.  Oh well, no big deal.  It's not like it's that fast anyway.  Thanks for supporting the TT series.