August 1, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
August 1, 2007

Eric Harris1:00:4024.53 
Kyle May1:00:4524.49 
Mark Jones1:02:0423.97 
Chris Daniels0:28:4225.92PR
Chris Sprock0:29:4425.02 
Mike Peer0:31:2523.68 
Curtis Flake0:31:5423.32 
John Flick0:32:3122.88PR
David Fathauer0:32:5722.58PR
Earl May0:33:1222.41 
Eric McRae0:33:2222.30 
Andrew Young0:33:2522.26 
Syd McRae0:33:2922.22 
Mike Doyle0:33:4922.00 
Bill Burger0:34:1321.74 
Brian Wright0:34:5121.35 
Rob Lipic0:35:2421.02 
Bill Weiss0:35:3920.87 
Richard Berard0:36:1920.49 
Tim Aydt0:37:1419.98PR
Beth McClure0:38:5219.14 

We had 21 riders for last night’s TT, and people are continuing to set PR’s, even in the August heat. We are still riding the modified route from last week, and added a 40k option, which three riders took advantage of. Kyle and I rode to within 5 seconds of each other, with my time of 1:00:40 @ 24.53mph getting the edge. By the way, Kyle took 5th place overall at the Stoneman Sprint Tri in Springfield last weekend. Mark Jones was the only other two lapper, and posted a nice 1:02:04 @ 23.97mph.

Bloomington Tri-Shark Chris Daniels came down to have another go at the 20k, and schmoked the course with a great 28:42 @ 25.92mph. This earned Chris a prized 20-under-30 shirt, as well as being a PR for him. I was impressed at how Chris rode so fast in the heat, and then remembered that this is Shark Week. Coincidence? I think not. Curtis Flake made a very nice debut ride with a time of 31:54 @ 23.32mph. John Flick set a new PR, and grabbed a Sub-33 Senior shirt. David Fathauer set a PR as well with a time of 32:57 @ 22.58mph. Syd McRae was the fastest female with a time of 33:29 @ 22.22mph, and is edging closer to a Sub-33 shirt this year. Rob Lipic rode a nice debut time trial with a time of 35:24 @ 21.02mph. Tim Aydt set a PR and just missed topping the 20mph mark with a time of 37:14 @ 19.98mph.


In the raffle, the first entry into the 2008 Sullivan Civic Center Triathlon was won by John Flick. We’ll be giving out the other entry in a couple weeks. Also, Bill Burger won a nice pair of Serfas glasses donated by Spin City.


For any fat tire aficionados out there, the 2nd annual Rough Cut Classic mountain bike race will be held at Camp Camfield in Sullivan, on September 16th. It’s a low key race with quite a few familiar faces.

Thanks to our timers Helene, Sharron and Melinda, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.