April 6th 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - April 6, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Schroetlin 0:29:56 24.86
May 0:30:22 24.50
McRae 0:31:09 23.88
Smith 0:33:46 22.03
Elliot 0:34:04 21.84
Peer 0:36:02 20.65
Six riders came out last night for the unofficial start to the 2005 TT series.  Except for some pretty thick gravel in the corners, the course was in good shape.  Schroetlin turned in the fastest time sans aero equipment, stopping by on his way home from a long training ride.  We were also joined by first-timer Ed Elliott fresh off an extended training camp Down Under.  No women riders came out although they did send a representative from their training group.  Neither Burger nor Van Arsdale showed last night as they continue to train in secrecy readying for the 2005 version of the mother of all time trial battles.  Yes, they still hate each other.  I hope to see many of you out next week for the official season opener.  The current forecast is calling for rain, but remember, if it's wet we'll still ride but not if it's storming.  I'm going out to the course to sweep corners and re-paint arrows on Saturday afternoon.  If you have a broom and would like to help, I'd welcome the company.  Bring your bike and we can ride a lap or two when we're done.  Mike Peer was kind enough to compile the results which are attached.