April 30, 2008


Kyle May0:28:3726.00
Mark Jones0:30:1624.58
Sean Marling0:30:3624.31
Tom Anderson0:33:5821.90
Michael Peer0:34:1421.73
Brian Wright0:34:1921.68
Denise Ismari0:34:3421.52
Mike Doyle0:34:5021.36
John Flick0:34:5221.34
Beth McClure0:35:0521.21
Roy Tsuda0:35:0621.20
Earl May0:36:1320.54
Phil Shils0:36:1920.49
Kevin Ryan0:36:4520.24
Ken Tuan0:37:3119.83
Scott Broyles0:37:3819.77
Tim Aydt0:38:5819.09
Bill Weiss0:39:1918.92
Dennis Martin0:40:1618.48
Diane Grubb0:41:5217.77
Arthur GrossDNFDNF

We had 21 riders come out and test their TT skills last night.  Mount Auburn Road and Four Bridges Road were lightening fast and then the course paid back at Rt. 36 and Lincoln Homestead to level out the times.  Overall I noticed some very impressive times.  Fastest time was claimed by Kyle May with a smokin' 28:37 @ 26mph.  Fastest Female was Denise Ismari posting a very impressive 34:34 @ 21.52mph.  The raffle winners were Kevin Ryan, Michael Peer, Scott Broyles, and Tom Anderson.  The prizes were a package of GU2O and riding socks.  The Sullivan Triathlon was last weekend and there were a lot of familiar faces and impressive times for an early season race. 
Thank you to our timers and thank you for supporting the Decatur Time Trial Series.