April 27th 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - April 27, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Kyle May 0:29:02 25.63
Eric McRae 0:30:08 24.69
Ron Gillen 0:32:19 23.02
Chris Sweet 0:33:03 22.51
Eric Harris 0:33:22 22.30
Duffy Smith 0:33:45 22.04
Tom Griffith 0:34:04 21.84
Mark Jones 0:34:32 21.54
Dave Loyd 0:34:58 21.28
Tom Courson 0:35:05 21.21
Mike Peer 0:35:12 21.14
Chuck V. 0:35:33 20.93
Phil Shils 0:35:39 20.87
Tom Anderson 0:35:52 20.74
John Flick 0:37:37 19.78
Syd McRae 0:38:57 19.10
Kristin White 0:39:35 18.80
Earl May 0:40:46 18.25
Mike Stokes 0:42:24 17.55
We had 21 riders out last night for a cool, breezy ride.  The times weren't quite as good as last week, but much faster than opening night.  Kyle May lead us home with a very nice 29:02 at 25.6 mph.  Eric Harris and Mark Jones made considerable moves up the leader board, and Tom Courson, Ron Gillen and Tom Griffith all had strong debuts.  A huge thank you to our timer, Michael Fearheiley.  Last night he even had time and speed charts to look at after the ride.  Starting next week you'll have a 40K option (2 laps).  All of you pain junkies can double your fun for the same low , low price of $1.  Raffle winners were Mike Stokes and Earl May.  The raffle prize was provided by Dr. Kristin White of The Back Institute in Forsyth.  She can make you go faster and feel better.  Call 875-7151 or visit  I need to congratulate all of the Wednesday Night TT'ers for their strong performances in the Sullivan Triathlon.  First of all, the promoter, Monte Johnson puts on a great race.  Many of us were first timers and his race is a great place to debut.  Chris Sweet and Kim Genenbacher repeated as overall winners with Chris recording the fastest run split and Kim the fastest bike.  Kyle May, Bob Clary and Syd McRae won their respective age groups with Kyle recording the fastest bike split.  Amy Griffith, Roy Tsuda and Eric McRae were 2nd.  Kristin White, Beth McClure, Dave Clary, CJ Pitts and Duffy Smith finished 3rd.  I should mention that Jeff Schroetlin finished 3rd overall in the Tour of St. Louis.  And in a bit of disturbing news, Burger was unable to make it last night.  In fact, we haven't heard from him since the Sullivan Triathlon where Chuck made a special trip down just to heckle him in the transition zone.  Concerned co-workers sent authorities to his house.  The house was empty and written backwards on the bathroom mirror were the words "Chuck must die."  Burger was last seen riding a shopping cart down Broadway in Mattoon completely wrapped in Michelin inner tubes and answering to the name "Bib."  When asked if he would seek a restraining order, Chuck replied, "Why bother, he never gets closer to me than 400 yards in a time trial anyway."  Thanks to everyone for supporting the time trial series.  Results attached.