April 26, 2006

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - April 26, 2006
Rider Time Avg Spd
Jeff Schroetlin 0:26:38 27.93
Kyle May 0:28:24 26.20
Eric Harris 0:28:41 25.94
Eric McRae 0:29:27 25.26
Frank Brummer 0:30:21 24.51
Mark Jones 0:31:32 23.59
Bill Burger 0:31:33 23.58
Sean Marling 0:32:01 23.24
Chris Sweet 0:32:07 23.17
Duffy Smith 0:32:37 22.81
Phil Shils 0:33:40 22.10
Nick Brummer 0:33:54 21.95
Roy Tsuda 0:34:00 21.88
Beth McClure 0:34:49 21.37
Earl May 0:35:04 21.22
John Flick 0:35:14 21.12
Chris White 0:35:57 20.70
Ron Heitz 0:37:18 19.95
Dennis Martin 0:37:40 19.75
Syd McRae 0:38:00 19.58
Aundrea White 0:38:00 19.58
Richard Berard 0:38:36 19.27
Arthur Gross 0:39:13 18.97
Jim Johnson 0:39:29 18.84
Larry Livingston 0:40:09 18.53
Mike Stokes 0:40:37 18.32
Pat Tharp 0:41:39 17.86
Kim Sheppard 0:43:43 17.02
Another great turnout, as we had 28 cyclists for last nights session. Jeff Schroetlin returned to crush the field yet again with a 26:38 @ 27.94mph. I think Jeff needs to finish 2nd at least once this year, so someone bring your motorcycle out and beat this guy. Kyle May was fastest of the mere mortals with a time of 28:24 @ 26.20mph. Eschewing any aero equipment, Sean Marling rode to a fine time of 32:01 @ 23.24mph. Only one second separated Bill Burger and Mark Jones, with Mark's new Guru obviously making the difference and giving him a time of 31:32 @ 23.59mph. Two time defending Sullivan Triathlon champ Chris Sweet came down from Bloomington, to warm up for a possible three-peat this weekend. Chris posted a time of 32:07 @ 23.17mph. Beth McClure was the fastest of the females, riding to a 34:49 @ 21.37mph. A tight battle is brewing between John Flick and Earl May, with Earl coming in ten seconds ahead last night for a 35:04 @ 21.22mph. We also saw a strong debut ride from Andrea White with a time of 38:00 @ 19.58mph. Raffle prize winners were Mike Stokes, Eric McRae, Arthur Gross, and Richard Berard.
Two more things:
If you happen to ride to a new personal best in the TT's this year, please let me know so that I can post it in the results on Thursday. Riding to a PR is a big accomplishment, and people should know about it.
Next Wednesday will be the first night for the 40k option. Remember, the 40k is a much better value, as you can double your pain for the same low price. Thanks to everyone for supporting the TT series. Results attached.