April 25, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
April 25, 2007

Jeff Schroetlin0:28:2826.14
Eric Harris0:30:2124.51
Eric McRae0:31:0024.00
Mike Peer0:34:3121.56
Tom AndersonDNF 
Syd McRaeDNF 
Brian WrightDNF 

We had a small numbers of riders for last night’s TT, as a nasty storm front rolled through Macon county at post time. The conditions kept our timers away, so all times are “unofficial”. Since we didn’t actually see a tornado, it was decided to have a go at the course. Then, after the first 2 or 3 riders left the line, the civil defense sirens in Harristown and Decatur started to wail, which added a nice ambiance to the session. Actually, everything was unicorns and rainbows until we turned north onto Four Bridges Road, where we hit a stinging, rainy headwind. This, combined with the Fire Dept guy yelling tornado warnings at us as we passed, thinned our finishing ranks further. A tip of the geeky aero helmet to all who tried to put in a lap last night.  Maybe not the smartest thing to do, but it was still fun!