April 23, 2008

Robert Brokaw0:28:1326.37
Kyle May0:28:2926.12
Eric McRae0:28:5625.74
Mark Jones0:29:5024.94
Eric Harris0:30:0024.80
Sean Marling0:30:1924.54
Duffy Smith0:30:5124.12
Chris Sprock0:31:3823.52
Brian Wright0:32:2622.94PR
Tom Anderson 0:32:4922.50
Syd McRae0:33:3722.13
Roy Tsuda0:33:3922.11
John Flick 0:33:4122.09
Mike Peer0:33:4922.00
Beth McClure0:33:5021.96
Denise Ismari0:34:1021.78
Phil Shils0:34:1121.77
Chris Monroe0:34:3921.47
Earl May0:34:5821.28
Kevin Ryan 0:35:2920.97
Bill Burger 0:35:4720.79
Ken Tuan0:36:2320.45
Arthur Gross0:36:2920.39
Dennis Martin 0:36:4020.29
Bill Weiss0:37:0220.09
Richard Berard0:37:0720.05
Tim Aydt0:37:4319.73
Robert Bopp0:38:0119.57
Ed Raycraft0:38:4219.22
Diane Grubb0:38:5319.13
John Pranshke0:38:5419.13
Tracy Bushbom0:40:3418.34
Rebecca Monroe0:40:3718.32

33 riders were greeted with beautiful weather for last night’s TT, and times are down, speeds are up. We had to make a course change due to the bridge at the end of Pit Rd. being repaired. We used last year’s route which included old Rt. 36. Robert Brokaw was our fastest rider, and he smoked the course to the tune of 28:13 @ 26.37mph, picking up a Sub-30 Club membership along the way. Kyle May also cracked the 26 mph mark with a time of 28:29 @ 26.12mph. Eric McRae broke through the Sub-30 barrier, and decided to go Sub-29 for good measure. His time was 28:54 @ 25.74mph. Eric has an upcoming surgical procedure next month, and we wish him a speedy recovery. After this surgery, Eric will be sponsored by  Mark Jones becomes our 6th Sub-30 member this year with a very nice 29:50 @ 24.94mph. Brian Wright scored a PR with a great ride of 32:26 @ 22.94mph. Tom Anderson is our first 2008 Sub-33 Club member. His time was 32:49 @ 22.67mph. Syd McRae was our fastest female again with a 33:37 @ 22.13mph. We had 4 new riders put in laps last night, Denise Ismari, Tracy Buschbom, Rebecca Monroe, and Chris Monroe. Check out the spreadsheet for their very strong debut times.

As Kyle mentioned last night, if you set a PR for yourself and would like it mentioned, please let me know at the Homestead, or email me the next morning. I want to recognize everyone’s achievements, but the task of finding and updating PR’s has become too time consuming.

Thanks to our timers, Helene, Melinda, and Sharron, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.