April 20th 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - April 20, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Kyle May 0:28:24 26.20
Eric McRae 0:29:10 25.51
Duffy Smith 0:32:17 23.05
Ed Elliott 0:32:20 23.01
Dave Lloyd 0:32:21 23.00
Bill Burger 0:32:30 22.89
Chuck V. 0:33:34 22.16
Anna Stadler 0:33:55 21.94
Phil Shils 0:34:29 21.58
Mike Peer 0:34:32 21.54
Scott Giant 0:35:33 20.93
Syd McRae 0:36:40 20.29
If you didn't come out last night because of the weather, well, you just plain blew it.  We get near-perfect conditions out there once or twice a season and last night was one of them.  By 6:00 the sun was out and there was a light breeze out of the southwest.  9 out of 12 riders set PR's last night.  And not just for the season, but for all time.  Most of the riders had about a 10% improvement in time over last week.  The finish was close as 13 seconds separated the 3rd-6th place riders.  Another rider eclipsed the 30 minute barrier, and now four more have it within sight.  I think almost all of the Wednesday Night TT'ers are racing in Monte Johnson's Sullivan Triathlon this weekend, except for Schroetlin who's racing in the Tour of St. Louis.  Good luck to everyone.  Results attached.