April 18, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
April 18, 2007

Jeff Schroetlin0:27:3327.00
Kyle May0:30:0524.78
Eric Harris0:30:3124.38
Frank Brummer0:30:3924.27
Eric McRae0:31:1123.78
Chris Sprock0:32:1723.05
Mark Jones0:32:3222.87
Duffy Smith0:34:3321.53
Phil Shils0:35:3020.96
Tom Anderson0:37:0520.06
Beth McClure0:37:1220.00
John Flick0:37:2219.91
Andrew Young0:37:2919.85
Bill Burger0:37:3419.81
Mike Doyle0:38:0619.53
Brian Wright0:38:2719.35
Syd McRae0:38:3019.32
Mark McClure0:39:5018.68
Bill Weiss0:39:5418.65
Richard Berard0:40:2318.42
Larry Livingston0:41:3217.91
Diane Grubb0:42:1417.62
Alex King0:42:2717.53
Arthur Gross0:43:0317.28

We had a great turnout last night, with 24 riders hitting the course for a cool and windy early season TT. The wind wasn’t as bad as last week, but definitely kept speeds down, and times up. Some notable runs: Jeff Schroetlin made his 2007 DTTS debut, and displayed some great early fitness with a 27:33 @ 27.00mph run, which makes him our first 2007 Sub-30 club member. Frank Brummer also had a strong 2007 debut with a 30:39 @ 24.27mph. Eric McRae, coming off a great ½ marathon at St. Louis, posted a time of 31:11 @ 23.78mph. Eric ran under 1hr 26 minutes at St. Louis, which will move him to the ”A” corral at the Chicago Marathon. Chris Sprock rode a great lap for his first ever Decatur TT, and posted a 32:17 @ 23.17mph on his road bike. Very stout. Duffy Smith, also coming off a great 1:20:49 at the St. Louis ½ marathon, stopped the clocks last night at 34:33 @ 21.53mph. Tom Anderson brought out his road bike to record a very nice 37:05 @ 20.06mph. Beth “Nice Wheels” McClure was our fastest female of the night, and ran a 37:12 @ 20.00mph. We also had three new riders making solid runs with Mike Doyle, Mark McClure, and Alex King posting times of 38:06/19.53mph, 39:50/18.68mph, and 42:27/17.53mph respectively.  Raffle winner was Diane Grubb.  
Thanks to everyone who came out last night. Remember that these early season rides will pay dividends when summer comes. Thanks to our timers Helene and Sharron, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.