April 16, 2008

Jeff Schroetlin0:26:5627.62
Kyle May0:28:5525.73
Eric McRae0:30:1924.54
Eric Harris0:31:1723.78
Mark Jones0:32:2722.93
Chris Daniels0:32:4722.69
Chris Sprock0:33:2322.29
Tom Anderson 0:35:0521.21
Michael Paul0:35:3820.88
Brian Wright0:35:4420.82
Ben Akins0:36:5220.18
Syd McRae0:37:2119.92
John Flick 0:37:2619.88
Andrew Young0:38:4119.23
Mike Doyle0:38:3919.20
Earl May0:39:4618.71
Scott Broyles0:39:5818.62
Monte Johnson0:39:5818.62
Arthur Gross0:40:4618.25
Robert Bopp0:41:4217.84
John Pranshke0:42:1117.64
Bill Weiss0:43:1117.23
Tim Aydt0:43:3617.06
Diane Grubb0:45:3016.35

We had warm and very windy conditions last night for the time trial. A firm grip on the handlebars was required due to the strong southerly wind, but all 24 riders kept it on the road and crossed the finish line. While it didn’t last very long, the ride down Four Bridges Road was a lot of fun, and some riders were hitting 40+ mph! Mr. Schroetlin was once again our fastest rider with a smoking 26:56 @ 27.62mph. Kyle May rode a great time of 28:55 @ 25.73mph. Eric McRae flirted with the Sub-30 barrier again this week, riding to a 30:19 @ 24.54mph. Syd McRae was the fastest female. Her time was 37:21 @ 19.92mph. Sullivan Triathlon honcho Monte Johnson came out to have a go on the course and recorded a 39:58 @ 18.62mph. Debut rides came from Kevin Ryan with a 40:52 @ 18.21mph, and John Pranschke with a 42:11 @ 17.64mph.

Raffle winners were Earl May, Scott Broyles, Michael Paul (Rudy Project t-shirts) and Jeff Schroetlin (GU2O energy drink powder).