April 13th 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - April 13, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Jeff Schroetlin 0:28:19 26.27
Kyle May 0:29:41 25.06
Eric McRae 0:31:12 23.85
Chris Sweet 0:33:58 21.90
Bob Clary 0:34:23 21.64
Dave Clary 0:35:26 21.00
Eric Harris 0:35:55 20.71
Bill Burger 0:35:56 20.71
Kim Genenbacher 0:37:30 19.84
Chuck VanArsdale 0:38:00 19.58
Mark Jones 0:38:28 19.34
Michael Peer 0:38:29 19.33
Anna Stadler 0:39:03 19.05
Syd McRae 0:40:04 18.57
Phil Shils 0:40:27 18.39
John Flick 0:40:33 18.35
Earl May 0:41:20 18.00
James Ray 0:43:43 17.02
Kristin White 0:45:20 16.41
John Sendzik 0:50:35 14.71
Pat Tharp, Sr. 0:58:00 12.83
Pat Tharp, Jr. 0:58:00 12.83
Ed Elliot DNF n/a
A strong showing came out for opening night as 23 riders toed the line to start the 2005 TT Series.  I was extremely impressed by the effort put forth by everyone on such a tough night.  The worst wind direction for that course is from the northeast, so of course we start the year with a stiff northeast wind.  We were a long, fast-moving line until we turned north onto Four Bridges Road, then we struggled along in pain-stricken little groups of 3 and 4.  The overall times were very good, especially when you consider the conditions and the fact that it was the first TT of the year.  I hope that all of you can return regularly.  I guarantee that if you consistently ride the Wednesday Night TT, you'll get faster (or your money back).  Our youngest competitor ever showed up as Patrick Tharp, age 11, had an excellent ride, finishing in less than an hour.  The fastest time of the night was posted by Schroetlin, as once again he interrupted his 4-hour training ride to time trial with us.  Schroetlin and Kyle May finished in less than 30 minutes.  For the rest of the series, any rider that finishes the 20K in under 30 minutes or the 40K in under 60 minutes will receive a special prize.  Those times are within reach of many of you.  We also had four strong women riders out last night.  The night was not without mishaps as Ed Elliott flatted on the back side of the course.  Thanks to Eric Harris for going out to get him.  And I had to separate Chuck and Burger afterwards as they argued over whether Chuck forgetting his shoes and riding in his Air Force One's was an accident or another mind game aimed at Burger.  Then Burger quickly turned his angst toward Eric Harris as Eric finished one second ahead.  Burger pointed out that he probably lost two seconds counting the 9 deer that nearly took out Kyle May on Pit Road.  Lucky for Burger the herd was less than 10 because he would have lost a couple of minutes taking off his shoes.  A big thank you to Angela and Michael Fearheiley, our timers who did a great job.  I think Michael may be on his own soon though, because Angela was ready jump on a bike and ride the course.  I also want to thank Tom Anderson for sweeping corners last weekend.  Our raffle winners were James Ray and Mike Peer.  The prizes were donated by Spin City Cycles and First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust.  Results attached in Word format.  One of our riders will soon set up an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of times for the year.  Thanks to everyone for coming out.