April 12, 2006

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - April 12, 2006
Rider Time Avg Spd
Eric Harris 0:29:36 25.14
Kyle May 0:29:39 25.09
Eric McRae 0:31:11 23.86
Sean Marling 0:31:41 23.48
Bill Burger 0:33:46 22.03
Chad Pond 0:34:03 21.85
Duffy Smith 0:34:11 21.76
Dave Lloyd 0:34:41 21.45
Kristin White 0:35:35 20.91
Roy Tsuda 0:36:20 20.48
Beth McClure 0:37:38 19.77
Chris White 0:37:49 19.67
Earl May 0:38:06 19.53
John Flick 0:39:14 18.96
Phil Shils 0:40:10 18.52
Ron Heitz 0:41:53 17.76
Larry Livingston 0:42:45 17.40
Pat Tharp 0:42:45 17.40

Episode IV: A New Hope

It has been a long winter for the Decatur area cycling club.

Winter has ravaged the Harristown area. With Spring in the air and clocks turn back the cycling alliance fights back! A change in leadership has brought young Kyle may to the forefront replacing the Evil Empire dominated by Eric the Tyrant.

With a loyal following the Decatur Cycling Club has returned to battle the elements and stopwatch.

Welcome back everyone! The first time trials of the season kicked off with high spirits as well as high winds. Gusts as high as 70 20 mph made the initial ride a difficult one. However, everyone managed to post exceptional times. Eric Harris posted the fastest time at 29:36 with an average speed of 25.14 mph. A Grand Jury investigation will follow to discover whether or not Harris unknowingly used the Cream and/or the Clear in the off season. Kyle May was also impressive with a time under 30 minutes for the day. In Kyle’s case it’s quite evident has been ingesting cream-filled doughnuts. Eric McRae was solid posting a time of 31:10 peddling on legs that resemble tenderized KFC after participating in the St. Louis half marathon over the weekend. Bill Burger returned to show he was in top form and plans to dominate the 80+ age group posting a 33:46.

The ladies also looking really good on the course showing of the goods with Dr. Goodass topping the field at 35:35 followed by Battling Beth at 37:38. The crowd favorite Chris White left an ample amount of room for improvement coming in at 37:49. It should be noted that Chris was unable to overcome the wind blowing against his ginormous ears to really generate any real speed. Finally, the Aquaman (Phil Shils) finished with a surprising 40:10. It was later discovered by Roy Tsuda that shills rode the entire race with his parking brake engaged. Way to go Phil!

Props go out to the new timing team. Great job! Being a former timer I have to admit the task is much harder than advertised. The only discrepancy is probably with Chris White’s time which was probable about 8 minutes off.

Until next week, happy cycling, everyone! Also, the new team jerseys look great.