April 11, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial -
April 11, 2007

Kyle May0:31:5423.32
Eric Harris0:32:0723.17
Sean Marling0:37:2819.26
Bill Weiss0:45:0916.48
Brian Wright0:45:4616.26
Diane Grubb0:47:4515.58
Arthur Gross1:01:46*n/a
Larry Livingstondnf 
*unknown route

We haven’t exactly had a good year thus far to get out and ride, and of course, last night was no exception with 46 degree temps, 25 mph winds, and a stinging light rain. Tough conditions to start the 2007 Time Trial series, but a great night to build the old mental toughness. The excitement was palpable as the assembled riders cowered behind the timing vehicle at the start, and when it was over, Kyle May set fast time with a 31:54 @ 23.32mph. Tough girl Diane Grubb was the only female to put in a ride last night, and posted a time of 47:45 @ 15.58mph. Arthur Gross wound up riding a 27k TT as he made a wrong turn somewhere on the course, and made it back just as we were packing up. Arthur now owns the 27k record at 1:01:46, but we don’t know where he traveled, so his course record should stand for quite some time.
A big thanks to Earl May and Melinda Petersen for timing in such lousy weather, and thanks for supporting the TT series.